We Recognize you work hard and play hard too!

Steel Toe Boots & Steel Toe Safety Boots

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Your Go to destination for high quality work boots

Dirty Dog Designz is your go to destination for high quality, durable, tough and comfortable safety work boots. We offer Ad Tec safety steel and composite toe boots.  Our boots give you everything that you will need to stay comfortable while on the job. 

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High-Quality Pieces for Men and Women

We proudly offer Spring Step, L'Artiste, Flexus, Patrizia, Spring Step Professional, Spring Step Men's Footwear.  We offer a diverse range of high quality modern footwear that  you are sure to love. If you are looking for a comfortable, durable pair of shoes, this brand is for you. Each product that we offer has unique designs to match your lifestyle and radiate FUN vibes. 

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We Know You Work Hard and Play Hard

Dirty Dog Designz

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Step Up Your Style

Look your best every day with our clothes and footwear at Dirty Dog Designz. Send us a message today to order or learn more about our shop and collection.